段貞夙  老師 (Susan)

Why  個案心得及老師解析

* New! 阿卡西紀錄:療癒自卑與恐懼
Akashic Record:The Healing Of The Inferiority Complex And Fear 
* New! 透過潛意識處理,疾病變成了她的生命導師
The Disease Became Her Life Mentor Through The Subconscious Processing
* New! 阿卡西紀錄(解讀動物):瞭解我的寵物貓怎麼了
Akashic Record (Reading The Animal): Realize What Happened To My Cat
* New! 讓人生重新開機--潛意識裡來自原生家庭的制約與影響
Let My Life Restart-- The Constraints And Influences From The Primary Family In The Subconsciousness 
* New! 阿卡西紀錄解讀:找到中年時期的人生新方向
Akashic Record Reading: Found The New Life Direction In The Middle Age
* 不斷重複的感情模式與創傷
Repeated Patterns and Trauma About Love
* 阿卡西紀錄解讀:找尋人生啟航的方向
Akashic Record Reading:  Search For The Setting Sail Direction Of Life 2020.04
* 害怕在公開場合說話
Fear To Speak In Public
* 解決情感關係的內心阻礙
Resolve The Inner Obstacles Of Emotional Relationships
* 阿卡西紀錄解讀:解開人生與職涯卡住的結
Akashic Record Reading: Untie the Knot Of Life And Career
* 找到人生動力與方向
Got The Motivation And Direction Of life 
* 自我防衛帶來了逃避以及莫名不安
Self Defense Brings The Escaping And The Unknown Anxiety 
* 阿卡西記錄解讀:解決自卑情結 
Akashic Record Reading : Get Rid Of Inferiority Complex 
* 焦慮與抗拒成為一個照顧他人的角色 
Being Anxious And Resisting To Become The Role Of Taking Care Of Others 
* 莫名的潔癖恐慌 
Inexplicable Panic Of Fearing To Be Dirty 
* 憂鬱症 
* 童年匱乏愛,導致偏差的愛情及人生方式 2017.7
* 焦慮沮喪 2017.7
* 恐慌症 2017.1
* 煩惱於教養孩子及創業工作
* 內在能量依賴沒長大,導致的情感與人際痛苦
* 恐懼、不敢表達、選擇及承擔---修正負面模式習氣 
* 工作及人生茫然無方向
* 憂鬱症,缺乏動力,易怒
* 情感挫敗不斷重覆
* 人際恐懼、自我封閉
* 既逃避與競爭的矛盾性格
* 暴食及人際上的不開心
* 憂鬱症,人際退縮
* 身心症狀、心悸、恐慌症
* 婆媳夫妻親子關係緊張與憤怒
* 缺乏自信,不敢承擔,甲狀腺機能亢進
* 習於逃避,婚姻不順遂
* 暴食與購物狂之成癮


*New! 阿卡西紀錄解讀:找到中年時期的人生新方向
Akashic Record Reading : Found The New Life Direction In The Middle Age

Step Forth On The Full
And Joyful Life



When I reached the middle age in my life, I felt tired of the work or things that I had made efforts in the past, but I was not clear about the next stage of my life, I came to search the Akashic record reading.


After opening my Akashic record for a moment, Teacher Duan read that I was a farmer in the Middle Ages of France, at that time, I was farming on the soil of the earth, and I felt the energetic connection with the earth. Although I was only a farmer, I was full of confidence and pleasure.


After leaving Orlando consulting room, I started the process of finding and renting land. On the hillside near Taipei, I took the first step that I have hoped to do for many years but have not done it. From completely ignorant of farming, and I am a person with an overthinking mind, I began down-to-earth to dig soil, weed, sow seed, do fertilization and harvest. After more than a year, I have harvested several rounds of different vegetables during the four seasons. My friends are happy as receiving the vegetables I planted! In fact, I am also happy!


Watching plants sprout, grow into seedlings, and thrive from the soil is exciting and with expectation. Although I am not a professional farmer, I still feel a little bit about the situation of “We meet not for gossip or idle talk, on the growth of mulberry and hemp we dwell. ” “For stains?upon my clothes I do not care, if I am free my wishes to pursue.”


I was able to have this simple and precious experience, mainly due to the reading of my Akashic record by Teacher Duan of Orlando Subconscious Consulting Room. If one day I send the vegetables to your hands, I believe this vegetable start another cycle of nourishing the new life. At this moment in 2020, I wish you a new beginning of life.

段老師的話( Teacher Duan's Words):

Hu是個有點過於理性思考的人,過往工作上的繁忙緊張有時令他的生活或生命有些失衡,即使想抽身,但是身為男性在這社會上或許枷鎖也比較多,難以真的給自己喘息的空間與機會去聆聽自己的內心。如他文章開頭所言,到了退休年歲,想給自己找到一個生命的方向。有關尋找生命方向這件事情,我向來都不覺得這是剛出社會的年輕人才要做的事,在生命不同階段,甚至常常,我都有這個習慣問自己:我要甚麼?我在做甚麼?我現在做的事情是否在前往我目標的軌道上?這天Hu 來到諮詢室,想透過阿卡西紀錄解讀,尋找這個重大問題的答案。

Hu is a person who is a little too rational thinking. The busy and stressful work in the past sometimes makes his life or life unbalanced. Even if he wants to pull away, but as a man in the society there may be more burdens, and it is difficult to have a space being able to take a breath and opportunity to listen to their heart. As he said at the beginning of the article, at the retirement age, he wanted to find a direction for life. Regarding the matter of finding the direction of life, I have never felt that this is something only young people who just entered the society need to do. At different phase of life, even often, I have this habit to ask myself: What do I want? What am I doing? Is what I am doing now on track to my goal? Hu came to the consulting room that day and wanted to read through the Akashic record to find the answer to this major question.


In his record, I quickly saw a man with black mud in his fingers. He stood on the ground and turned over the soil to take care of the crops. At that moment, I saw that the man's face was blackened by mud. The sun is still tanned, but the bright smile is as bright as the sun above him. I feel that the farmer of that lifetime, although not educated, but the life connected to the earth is satisfied and full of confidence and joy. 
When I conveyed such a message, at the beginning, Hu said, but I had no experience, could it work? I encouraged him, you did not have to make money to make a living by it, you just wanted to find a healing place for life energy, even if you wanted, you just stepped on the ground, just planted anything, touched the soil, smelled the fragrance of the soil, looked at the growth cycle of the plant, you could definitely get a connection and strength with nature.


Within a few months, he sent the vegetables he harvested to me, I listened to him happily describing these processes. I think the universe and his inner world really gave him the best life guidance.


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