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* New! 阿卡西紀錄:療癒自卑與恐懼
Akashic Record:The Healing Of The Inferiority Complex And Fear 
* New! 透過潛意識處理,疾病變成了她的生命導師
The Disease Became Her Life Mentor Through The Subconscious Processing
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Akashic Record (Reading The Animal): Realize What Happened To My Cat
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Akashic Record Reading: Found The New Life Direction In The Middle Age
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Repeated Patterns and Trauma About Love
* 阿卡西紀錄解讀:找尋人生啟航的方向
Akashic Record Reading:  Search For The Setting Sail Direction Of Life 2020.04
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Fear To Speak In Public
* 解決情感關係的內心阻礙
Resolve The Inner Obstacles Of Emotional Relationships
* 阿卡西紀錄解讀:解開人生與職涯卡住的結
Akashic Record Reading: Untie the Knot Of Life And Career
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Got The Motivation And Direction Of life 
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Self Defense Brings The Escaping And The Unknown Anxiety 
* 阿卡西記錄解讀:解決自卑情結 
Akashic Record Reading : Get Rid Of Inferiority Complex 
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Being Anxious And Resisting To Become The Role Of Taking Care Of Others 
* 莫名的潔癖恐慌 
Inexplicable Panic Of Fearing To Be Dirty 
* 憂鬱症 
* 童年匱乏愛,導致偏差的愛情及人生方式 2017.7
* 焦慮沮喪 2017.7
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* 內在能量依賴沒長大,導致的情感與人際痛苦
* 恐懼、不敢表達、選擇及承擔---修正負面模式習氣 
* 工作及人生茫然無方向
* 憂鬱症,缺乏動力,易怒
* 情感挫敗不斷重覆
* 人際恐懼、自我封閉
* 既逃避與競爭的矛盾性格
* 暴食及人際上的不開心
* 憂鬱症,人際退縮
* 身心症狀、心悸、恐慌症
* 婆媳夫妻親子關係緊張與憤怒
* 缺乏自信,不敢承擔,甲狀腺機能亢進
* 習於逃避,婚姻不順遂
* 暴食與購物狂之成癮


*New! 透過潛意識處理,疾病變成了她的生命導師
The Disease Became Her Life Mentor Through The Subconscious Processing

The Breast Cancer Led My Sister
To Heal Her Inner Trauma 

Mia 撰

姐姐在去年(2020年) 5月時被醫生告知左側乳房長了不好的東西,經過一個月一連串的檢查,在6月時診斷出來的結果已是癌末,癌細胞也擴散至大腿部份的骨頭。當姐姐告訴我這個結果時,對我有如晴天霹靂般的震撼,但一時間還要在她面前故作鎮定和堅強,因為怕她難過甚至支撐不住,所以我一直忍到回家後才崩潰大哭。

My elder sister was told by the doctor that something bad had grown on the left breast in May of this year (2020). After a series of checks for a month, it was diagnosed in June that the cancer was at last stage and the cancer cells also spread to the thigh bone. When my sister told me this result, I was so shocked. But I had to pretend to be calm and strong in front of her. Because I was afraid that she would be sad or even unable to handle it, I kept it up. I crumbled and cried after going home.


In the eyes of the family, she had always been a cheerful person with blood type B, always had endless words and made laugh. She had been in good health for a long time and never had other diseases, and constantly received Chinese medicine treatments for health care so the situation really shocked me. I did not dare and want to accept the fact, because my parents were getting older, in order not to make our parents worry, after discussions with our sisters and brothers, we decided not to tell them my sister’s illness. However, the premise was that my sister must be cured and recovered, otherwise how could we explain to our parents? We discussed about what else we could do to help the physical health besides receiving western medicine chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and surgery?


Most people do not understand subconscious course, so it is not easy to accept or feel it necessary for them. Since I had ever found Teacher Duan to deal with my subconscious and then learned the courses about self-awareness from Teacher Duan for seven years, I deep know that all diseases are related to our inner emotional pressure being not resolved.


My sister started chemotherapy in mid-July, and her hair loss and physical exhaustion appeared. I worried that her energy was getting weaker to lose the opportunity of receiving the subconscious consultation. With such anxiety, I kept communicating with my sister about subconscious consultation, according to Teacher Duan’s suggestion, I requested my sister to read Orlando official website to understand more about it. In September, my sister was finally willing to try the subconscious consultation. I am grateful very much to the Teacher for being willing to assist such a "urgent client" during the full consultation schedule, and all my sister’s subconscious course schedule was arranged kindly to match with her physical situation and chemotherapy schedule (after chemotherapy, she would feel too weak to do anything.) One day in December, my sister told me that she had completed the subconscious consultation.


I still remember that when my sister first started chemotherapy, every time she came back home from the hospital, she would be exhausted and sleepy, unable to wake up, even her eyes could not be opened for a week. However, during the period of receiving subconscious consultation till now, I feel that she gets cheerful again and is getting more and more energetic. Recently her Chinese medicine doctor also said that her pulse revealed her emotion has been improved recently, so that the illness could get cured easier. And my sister also says that she feels cheerful and happy.

現在的姐姐,在公司時(我們是家族公司),看到其他家人在批評別人、或煩惱或抱怨時,她便能看懂眾人的內心狀況,也能運用上在潛意識處理中學到的方式去面對。同時姐姐也看懂了和她的先生之間相處的模式是從我們父母那裡複製來的,因為父親的強勢以及情緒化,母親和我們這些孩子們總是帶著不安全感和恐懼在生活,深怕自己又做錯什麼事而令對方生氣;被罵了,心裡有話都不敢說;也害怕衝突,母親的生活中充滿著這種不平衡與憤怒 (只能對孩子們抱怨),姊姊不知不覺地複製了母親的模式,只是她從不曾覺得有什麼問題,直到這次生病,她因為想知道自己為什麼有甚麼情緒壓力造成自己生病了,找了老師做處理,才明白。如今經過老師的協助,她已逐漸能明白自己的創傷是如何形成與呈現,也得到了療癒,以及學到了因應這類情況的方式。

Now in the company (it is a family company) when other family members criticize others, or worry and complain, my sister is able to understand their mental situation and also applies the method learned from the subconscious course to deal with it. At the same time, she also understands the pattern of getting along with her husband was copied from our parents. Because our father was demanding and moody, our mother always lived with insecurity and fear, always afraid of doing something wrong again to make our father get angry. Even if being scolded, she would not dare to express the inner feeling and feared to face conflict. Our mother's life was full of unbalance and anger (Only what she could do was complaining to us, her children.) Copied our mother’s pattern unconsciously, my sister never felt anything wrong until this time she would like to understand what mental pressure made her get disease, then requested the Teacher and got realized. Now with the assistance of the Teacher, she has gradually been able to understand how the trauma formed and appeared, then also gotten healed and learned the way to respond the same situation.


When getting off work yesterday, because her some work in the company was too late to complete, I asked her if she would take it back to home to finish it. She said "No, I am going home and rest", and then said” The Teacher said, I should not worry about anything, now all I need to do is taking care of myself, everything else is none of my business. "After listening, we looked at each other and laughed.


I am grateful very much for the Teacher's helping to untie her rigid mind and light up a place in her heart which she has never seen before. Now my sister really learned how to love herself. No matter what will happen to my sister in the future I am appreciate to the Teacher for helping her open a window to let her feel love because she could breathe freely. Thank you, the Teacher.



*Postscript --- From Mia’s sister:

           After subconscious consultation, I realized that I was psychologically affected by my parents in my
childhood. So, in my marriage for more than 20 years, I often hid a lot of things in my heart and did not
say it out, because I always felt that I would quarrel with my husband if I expressed it. In fact, when depressing my true feelings and thought, I got much angrier, and then went into a vicious circle. After doing subconscious processing, I got along with my husband with the methods taught by the Teacher, I felt that I could express my feelings and thoughts naturally, as a result, my husband also knew what I cared about and started to change. Now my mood is much more cheerful, I and my husband could get along harmoniously with each other, and it is amazing that I feel that my husband is also no more as irritable as before. 
          Moreover, during the period of sickness my weight has been falling, and my energy became weak, but in these two months, after my mood becoming brighter, my weight also gradually recovered. By taking my pulse diagnostically My Chinese medicine doctor found that now my mood got better and said it would be helpful for my physical treatment.

段老師的話:(Teacher Duan’s Words)


When encountering any physical illness, of course we must find a professional physical doctor in the relevant field for proper diagnosis and treatment, if we could also explore and discover the mental pressure or emotions on the mental level behind the physical symptoms or illness, then heal them, it will feedback positively and help to the treatment of physical symptoms or diseases. From the above article, we could see that Mia's sister is such an example. In my consultation room, I have encountered many cases like this. It has been proved that our body and mind and spirit are related, and what kind of unresolved mental problems should be related to the illness of the body. When the invisible pressure and emotional knots which are not resolved in a long term, they often manifest to tangible physical diseases.

其實,Mia的姐姐在這之前是沒有上述這樣觀念的,幸運的是,Mia鍥而不捨地想方設法,如她所言,因為她從多年前來這裡做潛意識處理而得到正面改變,到後來繼續在我這裡上課學習身心靈課程,她想這時候自己能幫助姊姊的,就是怎麼引導姊姊願意來到諮詢室,去找到生病的心理原因,解決它、療癒它,如此一定會對身體有幫助,憑著這樣的認知信念以及對姐姐的手足之愛, Mia終於帶著姊姊來了,我還記得當時見到Mia的姐姐,病容滿面,我唯一擔憂的是,只是單憑著妹妹的勸說,她自己是否有足夠的認知與心理準備來面對與探索內心呢?

In fact, Mia’s elder sister did not have the above-mentioned concept before. Fortunately, Mia persevered figuring out, as she said, because she got a positive change from coming here many years ago to do subconscious processing, and she continues to learn something from me about the body, mind, and soul. She thought that what she could help her sister at this time was how to guide her to come to the consultation room to find the mental cause of the physical illness, to resolve and heal it, which would help the body. With this kind of cognition and faith and love for her sister, Mia finally took her sister to come here, I still remembered when I met Mia's sister at that time, she was sick seriously. My only concern was whether Mia’s sister had enough cognition and mental preparation to face and explore her heart only by Mia’s persuasion.


Because in my past client-experiences, I found that usually the clients being persuaded by the family’s affection were mostly not with the true motivation for healing, and they were not ready to open their hearts to face it, or to be willing to learn and change from their hearts, it meant that they did not have the determination to face it all. However, to do subconscious processing, just as I wrote in the introduction of subconscious processing on the official website, "Suitable for : With  intense determination to face totally your own problems and predicaments, regardless of whether we could achieve or not, just with only one thought: I want to change, and I do not want to trap in such a predicament anymore.”


I still remember that during the first meeting, Mia’s sister said frustratedly several times that I really did not understand why I got this disease. During the meeting, I probably knew that her internal stress pattern should originate from the fear and depression in her primary family. In the subsequent subconscious processing, I did find that these stress and anger had gradually become one of the factors of unhealthy body. The personality pattern formed in her primary family was later brought to her married family. When facing with a disagreement with her husband, she reflexively suppressed and did not communicate with her husband. The result was a more vicious circle that caused unhappiness between her and her husband. As a result, the emotional trauma pattern brought in her heart from her father to her husband, from the primary family to the married family, the negative emotions that had been suppressed for about 50 years accumulated continuously and became like some kinds of long-term sedimentation and blockage in the water pipe to block the water flow. When being manifested in the body, it formed a state of impediment in the breast where was indeed the region of heart chakra related to the emotional energy (I have taught "The Subconscious Language of Chakra Energy " for many years).


Fortunately, Mia’s sister was willing to open up 100 percent to face these subconscious truths, and after subconscious processing, she really did the subconscious homework with efforts. Later when she came here in the following process, I found there appeared the natural smile on her face, and she said that she began to be able to express herself to her husband naturally, we could communicate effectively and became harmonious. Compared to before, the wife was depressed and kept sulking, the couple have been influencing each other with negative emotions, either being indifferent and not talking, or accumulating the anger to an explosive quarrel, however, if only emotional quarrels, it was impossible to hear what the real needs of one another.


After Sister Mia completed the subconscious processing, she continued to receive the energetic adjustment through the singing bowl here. Once she said, Teacher, it was amazing, now my husband’s temper has also improved. I said with a smile, of course, because of your inner trauma was healed and could expressed naturally, unlike in the past time when talking with negative emotions, what your husband heard were all accusations and dissatisfaction, so what he could do was only verbally fight against you. Now you have naturally changed, so he will also put down his defense (not reluctantly pretend to be tender, any reluctant act would make one anther feel bad).


Here, Mia and I express our best wishes to Mia's sister for a speedy recovery with the article. Originally, this disease was a disaster, but because she was willing to face her subconscious truth, the disease became her life mentor, she learned her life lesson from it. After the subconscious processing was completed, she started to live comfortably and happily, and a new life.


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