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Why  個案心得及老師解析

* New! 阿卡西紀錄解讀:解開人生與職涯卡住的結
Akashic Record Reading:
Untie the Knot of Life and Career
* New! 找到人生動力與方向
Get the Motivation and Direction of life " 
* 自我防衛帶來了逃避以及莫名不安
Self Defense Brings the Escaping and the Unknown Anxiety. 
* 阿卡西記錄解讀:解決自卑情結 
Akashic Record Reading : Get Rid of Inferiority Complex 
* 焦慮與抗拒成為一個照顧他人的角色 
Being Anxious and Resisting to Become the Role of Taking Care of Others 
* 莫名的潔癖恐慌 
Inexplicable Panic of Fearing to Be Dirty 
* 憂鬱症 
* 童年匱乏愛,導致偏差的愛情及人生方式 2017.7
* 焦慮沮喪 2017.7
* 恐慌症 2017.1
* 煩惱於教養孩子及創業工作
* 內在能量依賴沒長大,導致的情感與人際痛苦
* 恐懼、不敢表達、選擇及承擔---修正負面模式習氣 
* 工作及人生茫然無方向
* 憂鬱症,缺乏動力,易怒
* 情感挫敗不斷重覆
* 人際恐懼、自我封閉
* 既逃避與競爭的矛盾性格
* 暴食及人際上的不開心
* 憂鬱症,人際退縮
* 身心症狀、心悸、恐慌症
* 婆媳夫妻親子關係緊張與憤怒
* 缺乏自信,不敢承擔,甲狀腺機能亢進
* 習於逃避,婚姻不順遂
* 暴食與購物狂之成癮


*阿卡西記錄解讀 : 解決自卑情結
Akashic Record Reading : Get Rid of Inferiority Complex 

Healing the Inner Child

‧ Jessica 撰


In the past, I had a long term insomnia problem, I was looking for the Teacher Duan’s help by using hypnosis to solve this problem. Because of the Teacher Duan, I met the real me for the first time (the very first time). At that time, I thought the crux of this problem was love relationship, but when I was in the subconscious state, it popped out that the problem was resulting from my expectation and disappointment of seeking my mother's love from my childhood. This was hiding in deep subconscious which I didn’t know. Under the Teacher Duan's guidance, all kinds of memories and emotions between my mother and I were naturally revealed (at my ages of seven or eight months old, three or four years old, fourth grade in elementary school). I always remember I could not stop crying after the inner me had been understood by myself, and the ease after healing under the guidance of the Teacher Duan. After getting back to normal life, my relationship with my mom becomes more natural and smoother. I can express myself more in front of my mother instead of pleasing her. This also opened my learning from the Teacher Duan.


In recent years, the voice from my heart has been more brave and direct. Sometimes, my heart will utter a voice: "Believe." As I am not that kind of person with confidence, it is hard for me to trust myself. I am wondering what I should believe. Sometimes I gave myself an answer according to the people and things I had encountered at the time. However, after a while, the voice of "Believe" came out again, the Teacher Duan said that it stood for "You have not found the real answer."

在一個特別的機緣下,請老師以阿卡西記錄解讀的方式,幫我看看到底怎麼了。這次又是一個奇妙的經驗!當老師說出:「這跟你父親有關」,我第一個反應是:「怎麼可能﹖」因為父親已過世二十多年,從小我跟父親的感情很好,在過去潛意識處理的素材中,從未NEVER出現父親。老師繼續解讀,竟然說出小學時候的我,對父親的感受時,天啊,我瞬間又是一陣狂哭,因為這是我在表意識上從不願意面對與記得的,但當老師說出之後,我的情緒如同滿溢的河水遇到了一個破口瞬間奔流,這實在太震撼!原來小學的我對父親有很深的愧疚與自責。一方面,覺得父親是個好人、很愛我、也很照顧我;另一方面,因我父親比同學的父親老(父親五十歲才有我)、都在家照顧我和妹妹(因已退休,不像同學的父親在外工作賺錢),我覺得父親跟別人的父親不一樣而自卑。小小的靈魂困在:「父親是個好人,對我很好,我怎麼可以覺得他不好的愧疚、我怎麼這麼糟糕,覺得父親不好」的自責中。原來,我的自卑(不相信自己)有一大部分來自於對父親的認知,而自責(我怎麼可以覺得父親不好,我好糟糕…)又加深了我的自卑,如此惡性循環,成為生命的課題。我那個來自心裏的提問 ---「相信」,原來呼喊著一段需要被療癒的童年陰影。

With a special opportunity, I asked for the Teacher Duan’s assistance to understand what happened to the voice of “Believe” by reading Akashic record. This is another wonderful experience! When the teacher said "This was related to your father." My first reaction was "How could it be possible?” Because my father passed away over 20 years, my relationship with my father has been very good since childhood. My father never NEVER appeared in the material of the past subconscious counseling. The Teacher Duan continued to interpret, unexpectedly speaking for myself about my feeling with Dad when I was in elementary school. God, I could not stop crying for a moment, because this was what I never wanted to face and remember consciously. When I heard the teacher said it, my emotions rushed like a strong flow of river running over breaches. I was really shocked! When I was in elementary school, I used to feel embarrassed about my father and blamed myself for this. On the one hand, I felt that my father was a good person, he loved me very much and took care of me, but on the other hand, as my father was older than my classmate's fathers ( I was born when my father was 50), he was taking care of my sister and me at home (because he had retired, he was different from my classmate's fathers who were working to make money), I felt that my father was inferior to other classmate's fathers. My little soul was trapped between the embarrassment of feeling my father was inferior and the blame on myself as I was so bad to feel my father was not good. Most of my inferiority complex (do not believe in myself) comes from my cognition of my father and my self-blame (how could I feel that my father was not good, I was so bad...). The soul predicament works as a negative circulate, it has been deepened my inferiority, and become a lesson of life. My question from my heart, "Believe", shouted a shadow of childhood that needs to be healed.


As the Teacher Duan said in the article of "Treat childhood well" on FB fans page of Orlando Subconscious Consulting Studio "We should all look for opportunities to go back and heal our childhood. Because it seems the childhood has gone, but the energy pattern in the childhood is still operating in everyone's current practice continuously. Restructuring and healing childhood energy is the foundation of body and mind health.” I am deeply grateful to the Teacher Duan, she accurately interpreted my Akashic record and illuminated the darkness of my childhood memories. By this, she healed my childhood, and made my life more completed. Without the Teacher Duan, I can't get the truth behind the voice of "Believe" (hidden memories in childhood) from my heart, and then find the answers and exits of life.


If you want to solve the problem of life, the subconscious is definitely treasure. Deeply wish everyone can meet the true self and live happily!

段老師的話 (Teacher Duan’s Words)


In fact, as I mentioned in the article in "Who" on this website, "The relationship between I and the Akashic record reading," I have naturally used this method, if needed, to help clients in the consultations to solve their problems. From December 2018, the Akashic record reading becomes an independent service item of Orlando Subconscious Consultation Studio, which is for some clients, such as those who are defending or resisting to enter into the subconscious state.

但是像Jessica 在我這裡學習了多年,自然不會抗拒或防衛進入潛意識,我為什麼會幫他做阿卡西記錄解讀呢?因為也許是他對處理還不夠熟練,他自己在潛意識裡探索不到問題癥結,於是我想,如果我直接幫他讀到問題,速度可以更快,然後他就能夠以我讀給他的癥結答案,去連結到過去他在我這裡所學習的潛意識方法,自己繼續去練習進一步的療癒。

Jessica had been learning from me for many years, she didn’t resist or defend to enter into the subconscious. Why did I do the Akashic record reading for her? It is because that maybe she was not skilled enough in dealing with the subconscious, she couldn't explore the crux of the problem in the subconscious by herself. Thus, I thought if I could help her read the problem directly, her exploration could speed up, then she could use the answer I read for her to connect with the subconscious method she learned from me, and to continuously practice further self-healing.


In the past, I rarely heard that Jessica mentioned about her father. The only impression was that her father was a very good man. In Jessica’s Akashic record, when I read the reason why she didn't believe in herself, the internal reason was that "I felt that my father was very old when I was a child, so I was so embarrassed but I also blamed myself to have such thought..."  I was surprised at the first moment, however, suddenly I understood her complicated mental operation in the subconscious. Then, because I believed that Jessica should be able to use the methods which she had been learning from me for many years, it is not necessary for me to help her heal at this moment. I was accompanied with her to cry out, then guided her properly, gave her a little direction, and let her calm down in the subconscious. For a while, when she opened her eyes again, her face seemed to be full of sunshine after rain, how wonderful.


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