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Why  個案心得及老師解析

* New! 解決情感關係的內心阻礙
Resolve The Inner Obstacles of Emotional Relationships
* New! 阿卡西紀錄解讀:解開人生與職涯卡住的結
Akashic Record Reading:
Untie the Knot of Life and Career
* New! 找到人生動力與方向
Get the Motivation and Direction of life " 
* 自我防衛帶來了逃避以及莫名不安
Self Defense Brings the Escaping and the Unknown Anxiety. 
* 阿卡西記錄解讀:解決自卑情結 
Akashic Record Reading : Get Rid of Inferiority Complex 
* 焦慮與抗拒成為一個照顧他人的角色 
Being Anxious and Resisting to Become the Role of Taking Care of Others 
* 莫名的潔癖恐慌 
Inexplicable Panic of Fearing to Be Dirty 
* 憂鬱症 
* 童年匱乏愛,導致偏差的愛情及人生方式 2017.7
* 焦慮沮喪 2017.7
* 恐慌症 2017.1
* 煩惱於教養孩子及創業工作
* 內在能量依賴沒長大,導致的情感與人際痛苦
* 恐懼、不敢表達、選擇及承擔---修正負面模式習氣 
* 工作及人生茫然無方向
* 憂鬱症,缺乏動力,易怒
* 情感挫敗不斷重覆
* 人際恐懼、自我封閉
* 既逃避與競爭的矛盾性格
* 暴食及人際上的不開心
* 憂鬱症,人際退縮
* 身心症狀、心悸、恐慌症
* 婆媳夫妻親子關係緊張與憤怒
* 缺乏自信,不敢承擔,甲狀腺機能亢進
* 習於逃避,婚姻不順遂
* 暴食與購物狂之成癮


New! 解決情感關係的內心阻礙
Resolve The Inner Obstacles of Emotional Relationships

No Longer Need the High Wall in Emotional Relationships  

TN 撰   

很渴望感情關係中溫暖的我,因為覺得自己不夠好、不值得被愛的自卑感,無法自在地對別人表達好感,所以當然也不太可能得到回應,我便時常卡在想要卻一直無法得到的進退不得的困境中,所以想找老師做阿卡西紀錄解讀,想知道怎麼解決這樣的困境… 卻完全沒想到,當我提問後,老師感應後開場的第一句話是:「你信任人嗎?」我有點遲疑為甚麼是這個問題,但仍誠實作答:「不信任」。老師:「信任是愛的重要品質,有了信任才能愛,無法信任就無法愛…」我真的無法放心地相信人…「老師,那我能怎麼練習信任呢?」老師說,「信任你的父母……(略)」後面的那番話,老師完全切中了我無法信任父母的問題,是我在親密關係中的恐懼,有恐懼、無法信任,怎麼可能進入親密關係之中呢?我雖然渴望感情可能帶來的溫暖,卻更害怕信任會帶來的傷害,我從來沒想過,原來是我自己建造了那堵阻礙自己進入感情關係的高牆…如果我能療癒自己關於不信任的課題,自然也就能解決感情上的困擾了,雖然還沒療癒,但我看到了自己真正的問題所在,照著老師教的方法去做 (我之前曾經在老師這裡做過潛意識處理,也上過老師所開設的有關自我覺知的潛意識課程,所以當我做了這次阿卡西紀錄解讀後,我就能運用我在老師這裡所學過的來改善我自己),相信就會有改變的!  
Recognize the High Walls that Hinder Me from Entering the Relationship Although I was so eager for the warmth of relationship, I felt that I was not good enough to be loved, so I can’t express myself to others, of course I was not likely to get any responses from the ones who I liked. Therefore, I was often in the dilemma of not knowing how to advance and retreat, so for solving this problem, I asked the Teacher to do the Akashic record interpretation for me... However, I did not expect that after my question of how to get a relationship, the first sentence of the Teacher was: "Do you trust people?" I was a bit hesitant about why came this question but still answer it honestly: "Not trust." The Teacher: "Trust is an important quality of love. Only you have trust can you love. If you can't trust, you can't love..." Honestly, I really couldn't trust people... "Teacher, and how can I practice trusting others?" The Teacher said, "Trust your parents... (omitted) What the Teacher said completely matched the problems between my parents and I. I had so much fear in the intimate relationship that I couldn't trust, but without trust, how could I get into the intimate relationship?  Although I long for the warmth that the intimate relationship may bring, I was even more afraid of the harm that trust will bring. I never thought that it turned out that I built the high walls that hindered me from entering the intimate relationship... After knowing what happened, I believe that if I can heal myself from the problem of distrust, the relation problems will naturally be solved. Although I have not healed yet, but I have recognized what my real problems were. I will do it according to the method taught by the Teacher I had accepted the subconscious treatments by Teacher Duan and learned in Teacher's subconscious course about self-awareness. So, after the Akashic record reading, I knew my lesson, then could  apply  what I had learned from Teacher to improve myself.)  I believe it will change!

我又請問老師,我跟母親之間的課題是甚麼呢? 老師說:「慈愛」。   我:「?」 老師:「接受你母親慈愛你的方式,而不是批判她的行為是不慈愛的表現。」 我:「啊…懂了…」我以前一直固執地想要改變母親,希望她能夠以我覺得好的方式對我,而不是一直以她自己覺得好的方式對我,但後來我發現,我對母親的批判,其實源於我對自己人生的無力感…因為我對於自己很沒有自信,不相信自己能好好走自己想走的路,總想要依賴誰的力量,但也有著自己人生課題的母親也沒辦法懂我、讓我依賴,所以我將自己的無助怒氣發洩了在母親的身上…
See the Love of My Mother for Me Then I asked the Teacher: What is the topic between my mother and me? The Teacher said, "Love." Me: "I don’t know what it means." Teacher: "Accepting the way your mother loves you, not criticizing her behaviors are manifestation of unloving." Me: "Ah... I understand..." I used to stubbornly want to change my mother. I hoped she could treat me in the way I felt good, not always in the way that she felt good, but finally I found out the truth was that my criticisms of my mother were actually due to my lack of confidence in my life...I had no confidence in myself and didn’t believe that I could go my own way, so I always pinned my hopes for a better life on somebody's strength; however, my mother who also had her own life issues couldn’t understand me and let me rely on, so I vented my helpless anger on my mother...          

After reading Akashic record , I reflected on my own state for a long time. Now I realize that I was so eager to get the love of my parents and craved my mother's love which she couldn’t give to me (so I always criticized her and was mad at her).  

When being with my mother, when my arrogance and the mind of wanting to criticize her were going to rise, I would remember to remind myself to take a step back in the mind and objectively look at my mother’s behaviors and truly felt that she had been doing her best to give me her love, and then my criticism disappeared, maybe our thoughts were very different, but I could feel her true concern for me. I was very grateful to her and pay my sincere care to her. I could feel her happiness afterwards, and miraculously, I felt that she is more supportive of my thoughts and decision than before. I think maybe it is because that I also learned to respect her, so she doesn't need to defend her own for feeling been criticized by me.          

After the Akashic record consultation, there have been many miraculous changes in my life. I really appreciate for the Teacher's willingness to help us in such a way. I also realized that “something that stays in your mind will someday spring up in your life”. Maybe there are some ordeals that we feel can never be overcome, but as long as we don't give up hope and goals, after the dormant period of life, the angels will be assigned by the universe to help us at the right time. Thank the Teacher for being our angel who illuminates the darkness of our lives and bring us hope and strength from brightness.

段老師的話 (Teacher Duan's Words)

When we want to love but don't dare to love, when we want to be loved but feel that we are not loved, if so, sometimes we could stop to look at our own heart, whether it is because we are afraid to love, in case the other party reacts coldly to make ourselves feel hurt, then we set a high wall, don't dare to love or accept the love that the other party already gave to us. Of course, sometimes, it is not easy to be aware whether we have set a high wall fence. Therefore, through entering the subconsciousness and exploring, and even Akashic record reading, could really help us discover the truth of our heart and realize that our own fear creates some awareness which deviate from the truth.

就如同TN做了阿卡西解讀及潛意識處理之後,TN原先的憤怒與緊繃,如他所言,奇蹟般消失了,甚至真正感受到其實母親一直愛著她,只是用著母親自以為的方式,但是當TN 接受、不批判了,她開始能接收到愛,並且也能自在地去愛母親及他人了。
Like TN, through Akashic record reading, she saw her hardship in the emotional relationship, mainly because of the lack of trust. The trust often comes from the parent-child relationship of the childhood in the original family, if people in the childhood parent-child relationship, the sense of trust is not established, and indeed in the subsequent emotional relationship of the partner, they could tend to worry or fear the relationship. Of course, through the subconscious healing, the inner wound can be healed, so there will be enough power to meet and create the positive emotional relationship of life. Just as TN, after doing the Akashic Reading and subconscious treatment, TN's original anger and tension, as he said, miraculously disappeared, and even really felt that the mother always loved her, just using her self-righteousness. When TN didn't criticize but accepted, she could not only begin to receive love but also loved her mother and others freely.

Here I am also grateful to TN, thank you for letting me witness the love of Universe again.


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