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*「善待」童年 Be Kind to Childhood

”Childhood”, when the word is mentioned, there may be many stereotypes, childhood seems to represent: joy, carefreeness, innocence, and full of love.

However, I have done subconsciousness consultation for more than ten years, people's childhood which I have heard and seen, although only a few are really miserable, most people’s childhood is filled with: lonely and depressed for not being recognized, desiring to and worrying not be seen or praised, feeling down from mindlessly ignore, or the inferiority from been compared with others. Even in external appearance, their families are happy and there is not much problem, even the case himself/herself, at the beginning of conversation and recall, often doesn’t feel any unpleasant in childhood.

But when the personality was branded with marks above, be accumulated again and again, then it becomes a pattern. I always metaphor that it is like boot loader, anywhere, anytime, as long as the computer is turned on, it will start up like that.

For example, lack of confidence, pursuing external performance and recognition, caring about other people’s evaluations, low stress resistance, intense competitiveness, excessively sensitive to the position of the relationship, difficulty of getting into close interpersonal relationships, and etc.

These patterns, in the process of growth, even adulthood, as long as one encounters similar situations, relationships and things,the patterns will consistently and unconsciously be provoked, copied once again, and they are further strengthened, then it gets trapped in a vicious circle.

Therefore, in the process of dealing the cases’ problems, I must start from "Childhood",
because it is the starting point of everything on the stages of life and the source of the patterns.

Childhood, has the most powerful influence, therefore, we should be kind to "Childhood."

Readers may ask: my childhood has passed, then how can I be kind to?

"Being kind" I said, is about we all should look for opportunities to regress and heal our childhood; because the childhood seems to have gone, but the energy patterns left, are still in everyone’s current progression. Reconstructing and healing the childhood energy are the foundation of body and mind health.

Furthermore, if we are holding the childhood of others, please be aware, and be kind to others' wisely. But the paradox is exactly at, when a person whose own childhood energy has not been healed, how can he/she bring a happy childhood to the next generation……


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